5 Types of crystals that
may help boost your mood:

1) Soothe your soul with amethyst

A natural tranquilizer, amethyst is the perfect crystal to calm anxiety. To truly benefit from its soothing powers, try meditating or having a relaxing bath with amethyst nearby. There are so many ways you can relax your anxious mind—I love tuning in to a peaceful playlist, taking a walk, and decluttering my space.

2) Demolish fear with labradorite

This beautiful, dark crystal is charged with positivity to dispel negative energy around you. It’s the perfect crystal to fight fear and insecurity. Fear often stems from a feeling of being out of control of a situation, so we love to wear labradorite when we are journaling or writing to help restore a sense of strength within the mind. Writing and rationalizing are great ways to process fear.

3) Create a sense of purpose with citrine

It’s hard to find a sense of purpose with everything that is going on in the world. If you’re feeling flat and demotivated, citrine is the crystal for you. It has the power to cleanse, regenerate, and boost your creativity. My favorite way to combat a sense of purposelessness is by writing lists and setting small, achievable goals to provide structure to the day. Moving your body is also an amazing way to clear stagnation—stretching, walking, or dancing will make you feel vibrant again.

4) Replenish balance with aventurine

It sometimes feels like we are swaying from one extreme to the other. At one moment, we can be filled with exhaustion and pessimistic thoughts for the future; at another, we are hopeful, motivated, and positive. Aventurine is my favorite crystal to get grounded and regain some balance in my life. If you’re feeling all over the place, set yourself up with a structured morning routine. The first hour of your day sets the tone for the rest of it, so introduce one positive habit to make yourself feel more balanced.

5) Self-love with rose quartz

Open your heart with rose quartz. Being alone right now is incredibly challenging. If you’re alone or feeling lonely, now is the time to invest in yourself. Is there something you’ve wanted to do but have been resisting? Therapy, coaching, and online courses are all acts of self-love. Wearing rose quartz will help you to purify and open your heart, promoting self-love and feelings of inner peace.”