Made in Orange County, Ca

Le Junior is a brand and wellness space created by a woman, wife, and dog mom of two inspired by her journey to health & healing.
Her own body failed on her when she needed it the most but she reversed it back on her own with the right steps- running, taking the right supplements + vitamins, and eating healthy.

Running is so hard but SO rewarding - flaunt it, share it, and inspire others with us!
What easier and better way is there to inspire others than to wear it?
We are a walking billboard of what we represent, let's be a good one.

Le Junior welcomes anyone and everyone that is running something--
+running miles
+running a business
+running a family
+running a team
+running a clinic
+running a blog
... & etc!

Any kind of RUNNING is hard, let's rep the hard work we put in!